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Failed Back Correction surgery is performed when previous back surgery failed to reduce or eliminate back or leg pain due to spinal nerve compression. When spinal surgery fails to achieve its desired outcomes and the pain persists, the result is known as post-laminectomy syndrome or failed back surgery syndrome. It is said that about 20 percent of Americans who undergo spine surgery each year still report some degree of persistent back or leg pain after their back surgery. When spine surgery fail to achieve the results desired by you and your spine surgeon, the condition is then referred to as Failed Back Surgery Syndrome or Post-Laminectomy Syndrome.

There are numerous causes for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome or Post-Laminectomy Syndrome. One of the most common causes is improper pre-operative patient selection before back surgery. In most cases, the spinal nerve root have not fully recovered post-surgery and continues to be a source of chronic nerve pain or sciatica. Scar tissue formation can surround the nerve roots and give rise to new chronic pain. Other causes include presence of structural changes in the spine that develop above or below the site of a spinal fusion, recurrent pain or new disc herniation after a spine surgery, as well as post-operative spinal or pelvic ligament instability.

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Gerald Alexander, MD, your Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon in Orange County, specializes in Failed Back Correction. Dr. Alexander has over 17 years of experience in spine treatment and care. He completed his spine surgery fellowship at the internationally-recognized UCLA Medical Center and was trained by two of the country’s top orthopaedic spine surgeons, Edward Dawson, MD and Rick Delamarter, MD. Dr. Alexander has helped pioneer cutting-edge techniques, such as Artificial Disc Replacement, Outpatient Microsurgery, and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, as alternatives to traditional spine surgery. He has been awarded “Top Doctor” in Orange County by the Orange County Medical Association (OCMA) and Orange Coast Magazine. Using modern surgical techniques and specialized instruments, Dr. Alexander has performed hundreds of minimally invasive outpatient spine surgical procedures that traditionally would have involved lengthy hospitalization.

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