Laser Surgery

Laser spine surgery is a divisive subject among spine surgeons, and Dr. Alexander would like to share some information on the subject of laser surgery and how it relates to minimally invasive surgery. The potential of this technique to make improvements on the spine has yet to be set in stone, but people are more and more looking past open surgery methods in order to achieve treatment for back pain.

Minimally invasive surgery serves the primary function of minimizing trauma to tissues and nerves surrounding the spine, resulting in less pain, faster recovery times, and less blood loss. This is done by performing various procedures through smaller incisions using a microscope or an endoscope. Utilizing laser technology is yet another way to further minimize pain, loss of blood and recovery time.

Laser spine surgery is often used in tandem with minimally invasive techniques. A laser will make the necessary cuts rather than incorporating the use of a scalpel like conventional surgeries. A laser can be used to remove any soft tissues that need removal. But there is some risk involved with the heat generated from laser technology, and there is no guarantee that even the most skilled hands can induce damage to surrounding tissue.

Dr. Alexander would like to extend his services in the minimally invasive surgery realm. We’ll always discuss your options and make sure that you have all the information at hand. Of course we always take a conservative approach with our patients, so if surgery is avoidable, we will certainly always take that route. Contact our office today and we’ll schedule you for a one on one consultation. From there we will decide what the best course of action is for your particular needs.